No More Paper Towels

For several months now we have been abstaining from using excess paper products.  Not exactly because its good for the environment, although, that is a nice perk- but because, DANG they're so expensive!! And I don't know about you, but when I would have a roll of paper towel out on the counter I found a gagillion reasons each day to use it.  And I couldn't ever just use one sheet.  No, no.  Every clean up required about two or three more sheets than I really, honestly, could've used.  So, we were blazing through the paper towel, and when those ran out unexpectedly, I would blaze through the paper napkins.  It was a vicious circle of money being wasted and pumping more paper and waste into the landfills.

It was a little weird to get used to just using cloth for all of Life's messes, but quickly I observed how much more efficient it is at cleaning up those spills than paper towel was.  Where as I would generally over-use my paper towels, I now only have one wash cloth in my hand at a time.  I find that it can clean my entire kitchen versus using multiple paper towels.  I can rinse out my wash cloth and keep on going.  If I plan it right, I am able to wash my dishes and scrub down the kitchen all using the same cloth!  Now that not only saves me money on buying paper towels and napkins, but it also cuts down on the amount of water and electricity it takes to wash a bunch of extra loads of laundry.  Double-win!

We are always looking for new ways to cut down the costs @ HEB (our grocery store).  HEB is fantastic and most of their prices are fair, however, we do only buy healthy, whole foods, so our bill is higher than most and X-ing out anything superfluous really makes a huge impact on our budget.  All the "extras" really add up quickly and take us from a manageable amount of money spent to "Oh-no-she-didn't"-land real fast.

I know it will be weird at first.  (Everything I tell you about is, right?) But, after a few days I think you'll love it just as much as we do.

Happy Savings!  (I think I really 'dig' this new sign off.)

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  1. Cheers! Paper towels SUCK! I am so glad you posted about this! I am trying to get my mom to believe in towels and rags because she uses SOO many. It's exactly how you described it... if they are there, you find a million ways to use them.

  2. Yeah, they are just TOO convenient. And since I HATE, LOATHE, DESPISE- that word (convenient), I knew they weren't a good thing. The only reason I will buy a roll of P.T. is to use as a "poop catcher" inside of Mason's diapers. They work incredibly well and are a MUCH less costly alternative to the specially made BioSoft liners. Those things are like $9.00/roll of 100 sheets! So, in this one instance, paper towel wins hands down!

  3. ok...so if you are looking for other "weird" ways to save money...look into "family cloth" "mama cloth" or even...a menstrual cup! Not trying to be weird here, but these are just some new ideas I ran across. I am trying a menstrual cup and it is really awesome if I say so myself. When I first heard about family cloth I thought..."ewwww grosss..." Then realized it wasn't much different than washing cloth diapers, so I decided to try it part time, cause you know, us girls are the ones that end up using more toilet paper than guys anyway.

  4. I have thought of those, too, Natalie. I heard that TODAY on babyhalfoff.com the DivaCups are being featured at the daily deal, so I'm going to scoop one up. Several people now have told me about them and how much they like it, so I'm going to give it a try.

    The family cloth thing is doable for sure, I just need to stock up on more cloth for that! hahaha I'll keep an extra roll or two around for visitors. ;) I don't wanna wash their "cloth". lol

  5. Yeah, the family cloth this is awesome! Cut up some old socks! haha!
    Also, I have a Diva Cup and have used it for 5 years! AMAZING. :]

  6. I went to go buy it at the site I mentioned and they were sold out of the type I needed. I don't even need it right now. I haven't had a cycle in 25 months due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. When Mason stops nursing it will come back. :( BUT, when it does I will be getting one from Amazon since I looked them up and they're about $20.

  7. I've been working on this in our house too. Years ago I bought white wash cloths to be used when Eli would eat...he could go through a ton of wipes or paper towels when he would eat...so we keep white wash cloths in the kitchen and pull them out, wet them and they are the kids "napkins."

    We use old tshirts for our rags. I have not said goodbye to PT yet but we definitely use less.

  8. I use rags for cleaning and make my own napkins - I part-time use mama cloths - can't make menstrual cups work for me.

    I can't sell anyone else in my house on family cloth. :(

  9. Mackenzie- I have wanted an apron, or a towel that has strings like an apron, for SO long! We keep our PT under the sink- out of sight, out of mind. A 12 roll package will last us 6mos to 1yr. We really only use them to clean windows. Eric buys rags that are really absorbent, and now I'm drawing a blank as to the same of the material... UGH. It's fluffy. If you press it to a spill, it soaks up just like a PT would. Um, microfiber? I get a new one out every morning and keep it on my shoulder while I'm cooking, feeding, etc. I keep a different one to clean surfaces (and watch what I wipe up with it... raw meat gets bleach and its own rag because I don't mess around with that.) But I am always wishing my rag could be around my waist, because that is where I instinctively go to wipe my hands, and often just wipe them on my jeans. >.<

  10. We have some of those, too and I wish I had more! I do have an apron and its filthy right about the spot I would instinctively wipe my hand off on my jeans! Hahah! They're handy!


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