Honey Candy

Here's a really great way to be able to give you kids (or yourself) a sweet treat that isn't made from crap.  Adisynne had been asking me over and over for gum and candy (even though she has never had any of either) and I was getting sort of sad about saying no to her.  Not because I know how much she'd like it, but because I remember getting really excited when my mom or dad would say yes in the check out line at the store.  It wasn't often, but when it happened it was really nice.  I won't ever say yes to her in the grocery store, but I can say "yes, when we get home" because of this recipe.  Which is still a special treat and something that she can look forward to.  Since she is just about to turn 4 years old, I realize that a lot of the things we do now are going to become memories for her that she will hold on to for the rest of her life. I want to make sure that she is making good memories and these special treats are definitely a crucial part of that.

Honey Candy:
1 bottle or jar of fairly decent honey.  It doesn't have to be the really expensive raw kind.
1 tablespoon vanilla extract (NOT imitation vanilla)
1 pot
1 whisk or spoon
glass baking dish
wax paper lined cookie sheet

All you'll need to do is dump or pour all of the honey into the pot.  Turn on the heat and start heating it up.  You want to bring the honey up to a boil over lowish heat.  Don't stir too much because the honey will boil over if you stir too frequently and that wouldn't be fun.  Keep the honey boiling for a while.  When you stir it and pull the whisk or spoon away the honey should come off in ropes, this is called the hard ball stage.  The temperature for this stage will be 250-265 degrees and 92% concentration, although that is somewhat excess information for our purposes.  Keep it gently boiling/simmering until you reach this ropey state.  Once you have arrived at that point turn off the heat, add in the vanilla, stir and then pour into a glass baking dish.  Now its just a waiting game.  Let the honey begin to cool.  As it firms up you can use tooth picks or do as I did and use disposable chop sticks and twirl the honey onto the stick.  You can now place your honey candy lollipops onto the wax paper lined cookie sheet and let the cool the rest of the way till they are nice and hard.

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  1. Sounds yum - would love to see a photo to see if it is as pretty as it sounds...

  2. Next time I make it I will do photos. It turns out very beautiful!


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