Homemade Wool Dryer Balls

 Reasons to use wool dryer balls:

1.  They cut down on the drying time by 30%.  Energy savings!  Each time you turn on your dryer it costs about $.50.

2.  They soften clothes.  This means you save money on dryer sheets AND even better you aren't buying chemical laden, nasty dryer sheets.  This is the biggest reason, in my opinion to use dryer balls.  The chemicals on the dryer sheets are absolutely horrible for you.  They are toxic and cause a lot of the skin irritations and skin allergies that children (and adults) are experiencing today.

3.  They last for years. Again, you will be saving money by not having to purchase boxes of dryer sheets.  I know some of the name brand dryer sheets with the fantastic scents (these are neuro toxins and you really, really shouldn't buy things that are scented).

4.  They look cool.

Wool dryer balls are very easy to make.  All you need to do is to go to a fabric store or any place that sells skeins of yarn (some Wal-Marts, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabrics, etc.) and buy one large skein of 100% wool.  You will need an old pair of pantyhose, scissors, and about an hour out of your day (or night) to make some yarn balls.

Now, start making balls.  Pull the wool yarn very tight as you are winding it around and around.  Keep winding until the wool ball is about 1.5-2" in diameter.  Tie it off very securely.  I did this different ways, but the most effective way was to begin making the dryer ball and leaving a tail out.  When I was done winding I just tied my winding piece of wool to the tail and made a few knots to keep it very securely tied.

This is the beginning of a ball.  See the tail?  At the end of winding you will tie this to the piece you are winding around the ball.  Oh, and this book is pretty much life changing.  Its by R. A. Torrey. Its about 1/4" thick, a very short & sweet read.
Here is where you will need the pantyhose.  Place the dryer ball into the pantyhose and tie it off at both ends.  This creates the friction needed to felt the wool which ensures that it won't unravel.  After you have done this place your dryer balls into the washing machine to wash with a normal load of laundry.  Dry all of it together and when the load is done take the balls out and remove the pantyhose from them.

They are now ready to use!  Keep your wool dryer balls in the dryer and they will effectively dry and soften hundreds upon hundreds of loads of laundry!

Happy Laundering!

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  1. Mackenzie! Thank you, now I have a project for the day! I am super excited about this! I don't use those totally gross dryer sheets, but I am PUMPED about cutting the drying time by 30%! Wahoo! <3

  2. You are so welcome! I'm so excited you are going to make them! Let me know how it turns out! And I'm PSYCHED to know that you don't use those disease-sheets, as I call them. haha

  3. I made them! It was pretty tricky finding 100% wool yarn, but Hobby Lobby had it! Now, I just have to wait for some dirty clothes to accumulate! :]

  4. I like them - I use vinegar for my fabric softener in the wash load and use nothing in the drier. I've wanted to make these but all the methods I've seen are rather putzy and I haven't gotten around to it - I like the simplicity of this.

  5. How many do you make and use per load? I see that you have 9 in the pic. I bought the yarn yesterday and I'm excited to make and use them. I've always used unscented dryer sheets (and laundry soap), but if you miss the scent, just use a few drops of essential oils on your dryer balls (I always use certified therapeutic grade oils).

  6. I've made 9 because that's how many I got out of the skein of yarn. I use them all! I think 6 is the recommended minimum, so I figured 9 couldn't hurt anything. :) I haven't used dryer sheets or commercial laundry soap for years and years now, so I've gotten quite used to the scent free-ness of our clothes. In fact, when I am around people who do use scented options it sort of gives me a headache. I have thought about using the essential oils, but I just can't bring myself to spend extra money on them right now. (We're doing the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover, which I will blog about later, so spending money on "extras" is absolutely out of the question at this time.)

  7. Wow, awesome recipe! These would be great as Christmas gifts too!!


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